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  • 深圳市多維國際物流有限公司

    Welcome to our team.


    1、vocational work

    We are an international agent for air and sea transportation, and our performance is our requirement. You can sign in at home or at soho, even in other units, with order. Salary aspect, take salary and do not take wage two kinds, take wage to raise a percentage is slightly low, do not take wage to raise a percentage to be high. Your ability is excellent. The company has asked you to be a partner. The company is a platform, will not be scheduled on the class, we exchange, improve the ability.


    You'd better have a certain foundation in English. You do not plan to take maternity leave in the last two or three years, be good at communication, have a little air or sea operation experience, is basically the person we are looking for.

    The probationary period for the above positions is three months. After officially becoming a member of our team, salary, bonus, social security and everything can be discussed with boss. It is also important to note that the boss does not like to change companies and people who work frequently. Let's just say, if you'd like to join us, send a resume to our email service-1@dovell-logistics.com, if appropriate. We'll let you have a chat.

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